A new war... A new beginning!

Some words about us

We are a competitive LEVEL 14 war clan that was founded in Novemeber, 2014 and we support the Fair Play Community.

  • Dedication - Practice makes perfect. We embody stragetic dedication.
  • Loyalty - The most loyal members have earned the right to call this home.
  • Skill - Approaching each attack with precision and tactics.

Meet our leadership

Take a look at our rules and guidelines

Yes, yes, I know, everybody hates rules. But we're a clan striving for greatness, so we need them....

  • We require the BAND application to participate in war. A more detailed list of rules and guidelines for war are also available in our BAND.
  • Have your HEROS ready! Both heros are REQUIRED when attacking. You are always welcome to upgrade your heros, just make sure they are ready by the time you attack. If that means gemming them, we request you do so. Failure to attack with BOTH heros may get you removed from the clan.
  • Use a FULL STRENGTH ATTACK! You need to have your spells ready, a full CC, full army camps and your heroes when you attack in a war. The clan war attack army preview is there for a reason.
  • Never attack more than a couple bases above or below your own rank without getting explicit permission from a co-leader This rule is intact to prevent a stronger bases from attacking too low.
  • If you are unsure about your attack, then discuss your strategy with someone. It doesn't have to be a leader, elders have proven themselves and have great advice. We want to ensure no one rushes into war with a sub-par strategy and fails.
  • If you mess up an attack, look for feedback. Everyone makes mistakes. Accept positive feedback. Learn!
  • Donate MAX troops to the war cc below yours. We expect everyone to donate big ticket items (especially DE troops) to the war cc below you as long as they are at maxed out. Be mindful of what they request and try your best. If you do not have a specific max troop to fill their request, then let someone else fill that troop.
  • Opt-Out! This feature allows for leadership to determine who wants to be in our out of each war. Be sure to have the correct opt-out status, we will not be asking each member if they meant to opt-out before every war.
  • Don't keep a losing war base! If your base constantly gets rolled, look for a better base layout that has a better chance to defend against two and three star attacks. Leadership may find it necessary to provide you with base if the one being used presents weaknesses.
  • Unlimited basic troop requests! If you're farming and just need barbs, archers and/or minions, request them all you want! People will be happy to fill you. We have no expected donation ratio, however a 1/2 donation ratio is respected.
  • Donate what people ask for. Ex. If someone wants a baby dragon and a dragon, then don't give them a pekka and a giant.

Some of our seasoned Members

What it takes to be a member

We are actively seeking players who meet the minimum requirements... However, these are more like guidelines rather than rules, and exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, if you feel you meet the minimum requirements, we invite you to send a Request to Join so that we can make a qualified decision on your profile statistics and base progression.
Baseline Requirements
Level 80+
400+ War Stars
Townhall Level 8
Join Apex Instinct [#YLVPJYLU]
Hogs [4], Heal Spell [5], Golems
King 5+
Maxed Traps
Purple Walls+
Townhall Level 9
Maxed at Townhall Level 8
Hogs [5], Golem [4], Spells [5+]
King & Queen 15+
Maxed Traps
½ Lego Walls+
Townhall Level 10
Research Maxed at Townhall 9
Buildings Maxed at Townhall 9
King & Queen 30+
Maxed Traps
½ Lava Walls+
Townhall Level 11
Research Maxed at Townhall 10
King & Queen 40+
Warden 10+
Maxed Traps
½ Lava Walls+
If you meet the requirements or feel you are close to meeting them then search for us using the clan tag '#9LYUURRU'.
Please mention you saw our website and are interested in joining.